Jared Revell
photography ...

I see Photography as Art ...

Rich in meaning, deep in emotion and a memory of a time past.

Australia has so much to offer. I want to showcase it's beauty and uniqueness.

I'm based in Tarneit Victoria, west of Melbourne.
When photographing, I aspire to evoke emotions and create a story, looking for that moment in time, which can be remembered forever.

I love photographing and interacting with people, waiting for the moments when the light and expressions are just right. My goal is to capture someone's true character, whether it be during a photo session, at a festival, or just candid shots of random people; the big smiles, the frowns, the bewildered looks, the love, all those unique, once in a lifetime moments that can be frozen in time.

I offer my Art Printed in a variety of mediums, some of which can be found in the Gallery, Framing and Photography services.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website, I hope you have found a photograph that inspired you or a piece of art you would like to hang on your wall, or even just a special, memorable image that you are connected with.